Checking and selecting Indesit/Ariston firmware

One of the very important points in programming washing machines is understanding how to choose the right firmware for Indesit and Ariston washing machines; these two brands, which are essentially the same company, but separated for the “illusion of choice” for the buyer, are the most frequent guests in service centers and workshops for repairing household appliances with a diagnosis of “faulty firmware.” They are the most frequent guests, not so much because they are the cheapest and, as a result, the most widespread, but because the slightly “crooked” hands that grow out of the shoulders of the developers do not allow them to write good and reliable software, unlike, for example, Samsung or Bosch, which Firmware is only needed after a lightning strike (complete replacement of the processor) or an electrician's screwdriver (unskilled repair).
Модуль стиральной машины с фотографией шильдика.jpg
Модуль стиральной машины с фотографией шильдика.jpg

Parameters on the tag

Each Indesit or Ariston washing machine has a tag located behind the laundry loading hatch door, which contains all the necessary information for complete identification of the device and selection of firmware.

Washing machine model is an alphanumeric identifier of a product series, which can hide the number of spin revolutions, load type and even the manufacturer

Industrial code is a numeric identifier of a product series, which reveals in more detail all the spare parts used and the resulting parameters.

Serial number is a unique numeric code assigned to a specific washing machine and stores the serial number of the product and the production date; each washing machine has its own code

How to search for firmware

To select the firmware, you need to go to the website and in the search bar indicate the model of the washing machine without spaces and preferably only letters and numbers

Here we entered the search query WISL85EXV (Try to enter without spaces, dashes or other characters other than “/” or “.”, these characters are in the names of some models).
As we can see, for one model WISL85EXV there are 3 variants of the product code (i.e., as you might guess, the product code reveals the model in more detail).
поиск прошивки для стиральной машины.jpg

The influence of the serial number on the choice of firmware

Before S/N - means that if your serial number is less than 00720... (where "..." - no matter what characters) you need to use firmware 50431450002
From S/N - means that if your serial number is greater than 00721..., then you need to use firmware 50431450003

for a more accurate selection of firmware for the model, it is better to use selection service firmware

If during a search query these fields are empty, then either there is no data or it is not important.
As we see, for 6 variants of washing machines, 2 firmwares are suitable, be careful in choosing the firmware, since choosing it incorrectly can lead to subsequent malfunctions.
Разные прошивки под одну модель стиральной машины.jpg

How to check the functionality of the firmware

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