Setting up and working with the USBDM programmer

With the advent of new generations of control modules for washing machines, the “principle of storing washing programs” itself has changed, if before all this was clear and accessible, there is a ROM memory chip where the firmware we need is stored, we hook the programmer directly to it or unsolder it by connecting it on the outside and get the result (read or written information). Then, with the advent of newer versions of boards and microcontrollers, craftsmen were faced with the fact that all information began to be stored in the memory of the microcontroller. Arcadia version 1 control modules installed freescale gb60 microcontrollers, which stored error statistics and config in the processor itself. According to one version, 2 bytes or 256 times were allocated for an error, and when an error occurred 257 times, the entire sw was lost, the module stopped responding to commands and the display began to blink with all indicators after 3-5 minutes, after the display model was unable to reach the i2c bus to the central microcontroller of the gb60 power board
Подключение проводами к контрольным точка модуля СМА.jpg
Подключение проводами к контрольным точка модуля СМА.jpg

The principle of occurrence and elimination of the f12 error

If the software fails, error f12 occurs, which essentially means that there is power on the i2c bus, but the display module cannot reach the power board, there are two options. Either the processor on the power board died in hardware (burned out) or its full firmware simply crashed
As we said earlier, the Bluetooth dongle communicates only with a live and running processor, where by running we mean working software. If the software is faulty, then the key is useless, you need to “pick up the carcass,” i.e. connect directly to the processor using a debug board and write the entire firmware

Connecting the programmer to the submodule

arcadia boards consist of a power module and a processor submodule; diagrams are in the files sections. In the power submodule, the usbdm programmer is connected to four points, but with the help of this programmer you can also flash control modules of refrigerators and dishwashers where HCS08 series microcontrollers are installed, so it is always better to open the datasheet (instructions for the microcircuit) and look at the points

In fact, we only need the bkgd contact, but for 100% of the work we also need to connect reset and from the name of this contact it is clear what function it performs. Well, don’t forget about the 3.3 volt power supply (ATTENTION NOT 5v) which must also be supplied along with the connection

Microcontroller test for life

Please do not believe the craftsmen who test microcontrollers using a multimeter, this is a very indirect and incorrect way of checking, for 100% results you need to connect to the programmer and run the flash programmer, check that usbdm is detected in the devices field and then press the detect button
When you press the detect button, service commands are exchanged between the programmer and the microcontroller, the live microcontroller always responds with four characters of its “name” and the program uses this code to determine it from the list, if there is gb60a and you actually connected to gb60, then the processor is alive
Sometimes the program detects the processor not as gb60a, but for example as gb32 or gb60 without extension a, there’s nothing wrong with that, everything is fine, but you need to manually turn it up to gb60a, then there will be no problems with the firmware

Setting the clock frequency and error F01 sub 04

The gb60 microcontrollers do not have their own external quartz, so the microcontroller operates on an internal one, which can be configured and adjusted, sometimes the reference value disappears and the module can produce a strange error f1 subcode 04 (the subcode can be viewed with the program from the site
In order to eliminate this error, I advise you to select the checkbox with kHz each time you program; by default, the program itself will set the desired frequency and the address where it needs to be written in the firmware
Настройка программы для работы с usbdm.jpg

Errors when working with USBDM

The main mistakes are, of course, inattention, since very often they solder the power with the wrong polarity or do not solder any wiring; it is also not common, but it still happens that even new microcontrollers give errors when flashing the firmware, in such cases it is advisable to check all the wiring (radio elements around) microcontroller

It is advisable to check the current of the processor itself during startup and operation, and also check whether the jumper is set to 3.3 volts on the programmer itself, but even after all this, errors can often be avoided with some processors, so you just need to keep a few in stock
Ошибки в работе с программатором usbdm.jpg

Areas in the config and stop bits

To prevent the firmware from being damaged accidentally, microcontroller manufacturers have made protection in the form of stop bits, i.e. if you try to read or write the entire processor from beginning to end, you will get an error.
In order for the reading and writing process to proceed without errors, you need to indicate the correct addresses, which can be viewed in the datasheet for your processor, for which you just need to enter the name of the processor and the word datasheet in any search
Адреса считывания.jpg

Firmware reading program

The software package includes a memory dump utility, which allows you to read the processor if we need firmware. The addresses from where to where you need to read, as we figured out earlier, you can find out from the datasheet, all you have to do is make sure that the programmer is identified in the devices window and select hcs08
Having specified the addresses, click “read memory” and “save to file”, be sure to check the keep EMPTY box - this will allow you to save the firmware in full format, and if there is no check mark in this field, empty bits will be skipped, which will break the entire structure of the firmware
ЧТение прошивки.jpg

Where to download drivers and software

You can download software and drivers for the usbdm programmer on the official website of the project
but in order to convert firmware from eep format to s19 format you will need a firmware converter, you can use the online version here or buy programmer along with a set of firmware and all the necessary programs in Technomag
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