Working with the MON08 programmer

To our great regret, in household appliances everything is not developing as quickly and symmetrically as it happens in other areas, so moments arise that are very difficult to call advanced and innovative, for example, there is still a great demand for the MON08 programmer, which is mainly used for programming modules minisel in Ardo washing machines, the brand itself has long been gone, but its equipment still continues to serve the citizens of our country, perhaps everyone is accustomed to the fact that equipment should work like a ZIL refrigerator for 40-50 years, but perhaps this is just the result of a low standard of living in our country. Unfortunately for us, we don’t know what’s going on in the minds of our clients and why they decide to still repair these washing machines, but if they want this service, then we have to give it, the picture shows an image of the MON08 programmer, which by the way can be used for production itself printed circuit board at home. To work with this programmer we need a program from they also have a bunch of interesting programmers, for example mon-08
OR more advanced version
You can download the program from the link you must first register and go through all the necessary procedures
SS codes Everyone has heard about them, but few people understand what it is, but in fact, the name itself contains the answer to this question and it lies in the fact that SS code is a certain set of symbols necessary to protect the contents of the microcontroller; this is necessary to protect of course, we will not write about trade secrets and copyright on the firmware and write within the framework of this course about how to get around it or pick it up, but I think that on the Internet you will easily find all the information you need for this request
Конденсатор в модуле стиральной машины.jpg
Конденсатор в модуле стиральной машины.jpg
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