Tools necessary for repairing refrigerators

When repairing household appliances, it is not recommended to skimp on two things. The first is spare parts, since bad spare parts can lead to repeated applications and a drop in the master’s rating. The second is the tool, since a good tool reduces the level of defects and makes the master’s work easier. Although many professional craftsmen have cheap tools, you need to understand that they compensate for this with their professionalism. On the other hand, buying a “branded”, most often American, instrument is not always justified, as it can lead to unnecessary expenses at the initial stage and may not pay off at all. Therefore, we will talk about the minimum set of tools for beginning craftsmen, of acceptable quality. The very first thing you need to think about and purchase is a tool box or bag. Luckily, the market is full of all kinds of bags and boxes. But personally, we recommend giving preference to solid ones, as they can be used as a table or chair. Plus, when transporting it in a car, you can put something on it or put it on it without worrying about it becoming wrinkled or damaged. But at the same time, there is a significant drawback - its weight, since solid boxes weigh much more than bags. In general, everyone should choose for themselves and improve it over time.
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Мастер по ремонту холоильников пришел на диагностику.jpg

Separation of tools

One of the main rules in storing and transporting tools is to separate them into: diagnostic tools: screwdrivers, multimeters, wrenches and pliers. And filling tools: monometers, burners, solder. This is necessary in order not to carry both suitcases (bags) with you at once, but to initially inspect the refrigerator and diagnose it with a minimum set of tools. This set also needs to include strict reporting forms, pens and stamps, since a fairly large percentage of applications are either simply diagnostics or a false call. When the owner thinks that the refrigerator is not working correctly, but in fact everything is in order.

Diagnostic tool

The most important point in any repair is the correct diagnosis, from which treatment is chosen. This is how doctors, auto mechanics, builders and refrigeration workers work. It is the correct diagnosis that results in a completed application and generates income. But you need to understand that even the most experienced and well-read specialist sometimes makes incorrect diagnoses. But if he is a good master, then these diagnoses are much smaller compared to correct verdicts, and ideally you need to arrive at 4-5% of incorrect repairs. But at first there will be 10-30% of them, and this is normal. In any case, you need to be prepared for this, understanding that you will have to give back the money you received earlier and apologize. And the sooner the defect rate decreases, the higher the profit margin will be.

I consider the following to be a refrigerator diagnostic tool:

- Screwdriver and set of bits;
- Multimeter with current clamp;
- Pliers;
- Flashlight;
- Electrical tape;
- Heads with ratchet;
- Thermometer;
- A set of bolts and screws.

Refueling Tools

In this section we include everything that is necessary for refrigerant charging:

- Vacuum pump;
- Rolling;
- Solder;
- Freon R134;
- Freon R600;
- MAPP cylinder;
- Monometric manifold;
- Shredder valve (10-20 pcs.);
- Cutter for capillary tube;
- Pipe cutter;
- Scales accurate to 1g.

Over time, this arsenal can be increased and you can see what is needed. But at the initial stage, you don’t need to try to buy all the tools, but try to buy exactly the tool that you need for your work. Everyone decides for themselves what tools to buy and what needs to be improved.
This set of tools can be used to service not only household refrigerators, but also air conditioners, both car and split systems, as well as commercial equipment. The operating principles of all refrigeration machines are the same, but you must first become familiar with this equipment and study the features of its maintenance.
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