Coil, buttons and relays

An inductor, along with a resistor, diode and capacitors, is found quite often, but mainly as a filter, because due to the peculiarities of the propagation of alternating electric current in spirals, we observe inertia. In addition to filters, coils are also used to store energy or limit alternating current, and don’t forget about the oscillating circuit, where, together with a capacitor, the inductance is used to (for example) determine the exact water level in the tank of a washing machine. Coils can be divided into the following types: high-frequency (loop coils, communication coils, switching power supply chokes) and low-frequency (fluorescent lamp choke, transformer, electromagnetic interference filter) with cores made of electrical steel, which has greater magnetic permeability than ordinary steel
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Difference between throttle and solenoid

In a capacitor, the rate of change of VOLTAGE depends on the current flowing, and in an inductance, the rate of change of CURRENT depends on the applied voltage.
Inductance equation U=L(dI/dt) where L is the inductance in Henry
If we compare inductance with a resistor, then the power associated with the flowing current is not converted into heat, but accumulates in the form of magnetic field energy, i.e. like a capacitor, an inductance can store energy, which is recovered if the current through the inductance is interrupted

In electronics there are many definitions and terms that are very similar to each other, it is often very difficult to understand what one or the other means, so we will take the following definitions as faith
Inductors can be either solenoids or chokes; in both cases the principles are based on inductance, but their purposes are different.
So let’s take a device as a solenoid, for example an ELV (electromagnetic fill valve) in a washing machine. There is a coil there that, when current flows through it, draws in the core. those. The purpose of the solenoid is mechanical - to retract the core.
At the same time, we can take any control board and find there a ring with a wound copper wire, which serves to protect against power surges; we will call it a choke.

How does a solenoid work?

In our case, the solenoid serves for mechanical action, although this is not entirely correct from a technical point of view, but for the sake of understanding each other, in the field of repairing household appliances, I propose that by solenoid we mean the device that retracts the core.
As we know, when current flows through an inductance coil, a magnetic field is formed, which propagates differently in different media and the solenoid core is an ideal medium for the flow of the magnetic field, therefore it is drawn into the coil.
Most often, this property in household appliances is used in filling valves of washing machines and refrigerator capillary valves, when the refrigerator has two or more evaporators operating in turn.

What is henry?

In Farata capacitors, in Ohm resistors, and in Henry inductors. This is a parameter showing how long it takes to saturate the throttle. Those. Let's imagine a circuit where an electric current flows, as soon as the circuit is closed and the current flows, the inductor begins to accumulate energy in the magnetic field and slows down the flow of current, as soon as the magnetic field matches the current value, the inductor begins to pass all the current.
If the circuit is opened, the inductor will release the accumulated energy in the form of electric current until the magnetic field disappears.
Those. the inductor can protect circuits from sudden surges in current
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